AMCNO Mini-Internship Program Highlights a Physician’s Daily Work Life

Community leaders once again had the opportunity to shadow individual physician members during a “normal” work day through the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio’s (AMCNO) annual Mini-Internship Program.

During the two-day program, which took place in late October, the leaders (or “interns”) were exposed to several different aspects of medical care—from surgery procedures to patient visits. This type of exposure allows the interns to gain a broad sense of the complexities involved with health care and the practice of medicine today.

This year’s participating interns were Alex Daher, of Northwestern Mutual, and Casey Ross, healthcare reporter for The Plain Dealer. Two other scheduled interns were not able to participate this year, due to personal reasons.

The event, led by Dr. William Seitz, began Oct. 26 with an orientation dinner, where the interns had an opportunity to meet with the four physicians they would be shadowing. On Oct. 28, after the final full day, the participants met up once again at the AMCNO offices for a debrief dinner to discuss what they had learned.

Photos from the event have been posted to the AMCNO Twitter feed and Facebook page.

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