SB 129 – Prior Authorizations – Physician Input Needed

Legislation was introduced earlier this year that will make positive reforms to the prior authorization system.   The AMCNO, the Ohio State Medical Association and several other medical and health care organizations from around the state have been working to get this legislation passed out of the Ohio Senate by the end of 2015.

Prior authorizations have disrupted the physician-patient relationship and often lead to a delay in diagnosis and treatment of the patient's condition. They also cause a significant administrative burden on the physician's practice and result in little to no improvement in the quality of care.   SB 129 would change this process.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!    The insurance industry has predictably raised concerns to the bill.  Physicians, their patients, and their staff need to let elected officials know how important this legislation is to them.   Write your Senator today and ask them to support SB 129.  To find your State Senator click here.  To view sample language to use when writing to your Senator click here

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