There is Still Time to NOMINATE ONE OF YOUR AMCNO PEERS FOR AN AWARD—Deadline is Dec. 31—ACT NOW!

On Friday, April 15, 2016, the AMCNO will honor physicians and individuals from the Northern Ohio community at our annual meeting. The Honors Committee will be meeting soon to consider the potential recipients of the AMCNO awards. We invite you to nominate an individual who is an AMCNO member and who you believe is deserving of special recognition by our organization. The award criteria are as follows:


JOHN H. BUDD, MD, DISTINGUISHED MEMBERSHIP - This award is bestowed upon an AMCNO member who has brought special distinction and honor to the medical profession, to our community and to our physician association as a result of his or her outstanding accomplishments in biomedical research, clinical practice or professional leadership. Often, such an individual has already gained national and/or international recognition because of the importance of his or her contributions to medicine.


CHARLES L. HUDSON, MD, DISTINGUISHED SERVICE - Awarded to a physician whom the AMCNO deems worthy of special honor because of notable service to and long activity in the interest of organized medicine.


CLINICIAN OF THE YEAR - Awarded to a physician whose primary contribution is in clinical medicine and whose service to his or her patients over many years has reflected the highest ideals and ethics of and personal devotion to the medical profession.


Any AMCNO member who wishes to nominate an individual for one or more of these awards should click on the link here to fill out the survey. You can also contact Elayne Biddlestone by phone to state your nomination at 216-520-1000, ext. 100. 

The Pollen Line is now closed. See you in the spring!

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