AMCNO President Dr. Matthew Levy Participates in “The Sound of Ideas” Program Discussion

Dr. Matthew Levy, president of the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio (AMCNO), was included as part of the discussion on hospital consolidation for ideastream’s “The Sound of Ideas” livestreaming radio program. The other invited guests were Bill Ryan, President and CEO of the Center for Health Affairs; Sarah Jane Tribble, Health Reporter for ideastream; JB Silvers, Professor of Health Care Finance, Case Western Reserve University; and Martin Gaynor, Professor of Economics and Health Policy, Carnegie Mellon University.

During the hour-long program, the panel discussed the history, pros and cons, and logistics behind the hospital consolidations that have been occurring in the Cleveland area for the last several years. Host Mike McIntyre served as moderator for the group.

To see a photo from the studio, click here. And click here to access the entire interview.

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