Message to AMCNO Members from the PAC President

Dear AMCNO Member:

The AMCNO relies on the Northern Ohio Medical Political Action Committee (NOMPAC) to impact issues relevant to physicians at the legislature. The AMCNO is an independent organization that represents the physicians in Northern Ohio. The AMCNO lobbyist works with legislators to affect changes that will benefit patients and physicians while achieving a balance that will assist physicians and patients throughout the state. NOMPAC is our political action committee.

There are many special interest groups who are working very hard and stepping up their lobbying efforts to line up against organized medicine. We need every physician to contribute to NOMPAC in order to continue to support legislation and legislators that work on behalf of physicians. NOMPAC will help to ensure a strong voice for physicians in Northern Ohio at the Statehouse. NOMPAC works to identify concerns that will best address legislative and regulatory issues affecting physicians in Northern Ohio. We need your support and contributions.

Physician support of NOMPAC provides a medical voice with legislators who share health care concerns and will be supportive of medicine. If we do not keep this voice loud and strong we will not achieve the goals of organized medicine at the Statehouse. NOMPAC relies on financial support from you, the practicing physician and member of the AMCNO, to bring about positive changes for patients and the medical profession. It is true that physicians are trained to focus on the care of the patient. And, it is true that physicians are trained to place medical care and the patient outcome above all else. But the welfare of your patients and the medical care environment has eroded and decayed due to the outlay of funding by other special interest groups. Physicians MUST meet this challenge head on – if you do not contribute to your regional political action committee – the Northern Ohio Political Action Committee (NOMPAC) there is no chance of winning the fight in Ohio.

You want to affect change in the legislature? PLEASE SUPPORT AND CONTRIBUTE to NOMPAC. All contributions to NOMPAC are voluntary and MUST be made by personal check. Ohio law prohibits corporations from making financial contributions, although contributions from limited liability companies and partnerships are permitted under Ohio law. Contributions to NOMPAC are not deductible for state and federal income tax purposes. Contribute now and have your voice heard during this critical time for medicine. If you have any additional questions or would like to contribute, please call 216.520.1000 and ask for Elayne Biddlestone on ext. 100.


John A. Bastulli, M.D.
Vice President, NOMPAC

Paid for by:

Northern Ohio Medical Political Action Committee
6100 Oak Tree Blvd. Ste. 440, Independence, Ohio 44131
Elayne Biddlestone, Secretary Treasurer 

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