AMCNO President-Elect Provides Testimony before the House on Medical Marijuana

AMCNO President-Elect Dr. Robert Hobbs recently testified before a House task force on the issue of legalizing medical marijuana.

Dozens of witnesses were scheduled for the House Medicinal Marijuana Task Force’s final meeting examining the issue. Chair Rep. Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) said he planned to meet with Speaker Cliff Rosenberg (R-Clarksville) this week to discuss the House’s next move.

Lawmakers and many who testified before the panel have expressed an interest in having the General Assembly act on medical marijuana before voters approve a constitutional amendment. Legislative action would allow lawmakers more control over the policy and its implementation. 

Dr. Hobbs had also testified before the Senate on this issue. To review his testimony, click here.

And see the AMCNO Twitter feed to view a photo of Dr. Hobbs at the House meeting.

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