Senate Version of Medical Marijuana Bill contains Amendments

The Ohio House recently passed House Bill 523, which would legalize medical marijuana, and the bill moved into the Senate, with several key changes. Today it was announced that additional amendments have been made; click here to see the changes.

Among the revised version, the drug would be used to treat a wider definition of pain and the regulation of cultivators and processors would be placed under the Department of Commerce.

This latest version also calls for the State Medical Board to certify recommending physicians and add new conditions. The Pharmacy Board will license retail dispensaries and promulgate rules regarding them, and regulate drug packaging and paraphernalia as well. The board will also register approved patients.

The regulation of cultivators, processors and testing labs will fall under the Department of Commerce, which will also manage the seed-to-sale tracking system. The latest version also removes a requirement that a physician be in charge of a retail dispensary.

The Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee is expected to vote on the bill on Wednesday, with more amendments likely.

To see the differences between the House bill and the original Senate version, click here.

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