AMA President Dr. Steven Stack Writes Open Letter to Physicians about Opioid Epidemic

Recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) President Steven Stack, MD, wrote an open letter to U.S. physicians about the opioid epidemic. The letter was published by The Huffington Post.

In his letter, Dr. Stack, who is an emergency physician, calls for the medical profession to play a role in reversing the opioid epidemic. He lists several steps on how this can be achieved, such as avoiding initiating opioids for new patients with chronic non-cancer pain and asking each physician to register for and use his or her state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

Dr. Stack cites that nearly 2 million Americans suffer from an opioid use disorder—people who come from all ends of the economic spectrum, in small towns and big cities—and as a result, tens of thousands of people are dying every year from opioid abuse. 

The AMCNO offers a Prescription Drug Resources for Physicians page on our website, which contains helpful information for this issue. Access the page by clicking here.

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