Gov. Kasich Signs Law to Help Improve the Health of Ohio Citizens

Gov. John Kasich recently signed legislation to coordinate local health assessments and improvement plans. Under the new law (ORC 3701.981), tax-exempt hospitals and local health districts are required to submit their existing community health improvement plans to the state to post online beginning in July 2017. And, the law requires these hospitals to complete future assessments and plans in alignment every 3 years beginning in 2020.  

With this legislation, it will be easier for local communities to set priorities that improve the health of their citizens. And, it has the potential for significant cost savings over time, as it offers the opportunity to conduct one shared assessment for every health district and hospital in a county instead of paying for multiple separate assessments.   

For more information, click here to review the population health planning overview. You can also click here to review the Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s Report: Improving Population Health Planning in Ohio.

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