AMCNO and AMEF Meet and Greet First-Year Medical Students

The AMCNO and Academy of Medicine Education Foundation (AMEF) were pleased to co-host the Case Western Reserve University Society Dean Mixer for first-year medical students. The event was once again held at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. AMCNO President Dr. Robert Hobbs, Dr. Bruce Cameron and Dr. James Coviello attended this year’s event along with AMCNO staff. Staff and the AMCNO physician representatives mingled with the students and society deans, providing information and answering questions about the organizations’ activities. Dr. Hobbs then provided brief comments to the group and encouraged the first-year medical students to become involved in the organization. He explained that the AMCNO is a group of dedicated physicians who are working to improve quality of care, while providing education and community outreach in our community.

During the event, the students asked about the activities of the organization and the foundation; many were not aware that such organizations existed and were pleased to learn that they could participate as medical students. Many expressed interest in the work of the AMCNO and several had questions about their career and specialty choices, while others expressed an interest in volunteering and outreach activities. AMCNO staff was on-hand to provide membership information, and we are pleased to welcome more than 120 new medical student members.

Click here to see photos from the event.   

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