State Medical Board of Ohio Releases its FY16 Annual Report

In its FY16 Annual Report, the State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) highlights process improvements and other accomplishments.

The Board receives no funding from the state’s general revenue sources—operations are funded exclusively through licensing and other authorized fees. FY16 revenue totaled $9,768,451. The Board’s spending authority is authorized by the legislature through the biennial budget process. FY16 expenditures totaled $9,238,072. Payroll was the top expense at $6,796,436.

Significant IT hardware upgrades have been made, higher payments have been offered to encourage a larger bench of physician experts, and educational content related to opioid abuse and human trafficking have been developed.

The FY16 license processing time has become faster. The SMBO reports that the MD/DO license processing backlogs have been cleared and are now issued almost 30% faster since December 2014. Expedited licenses are usually issued in 25-30 days, which is a 38% reduction from Jan. 1, 2015.

In addition to its offering of monthly e-newsletters and formal action reports, the SMBO now produces HealthScene Ohio, a quarterly publication that highlights the good work of the Board and Ohio’s medical professionals. All of the Board’s 70,000 licensees receive this publication, and 40,000 print copies are sent to healthcare locations around the state that are accessible to the public for review. Also for FY16, the Board deployed a new website that is more user-friendly as well as replaced its automated phone tree for the main telephone line with a live response, which has eliminated almost two minutes of hold time for each caller.

The complete report is available here.

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