State Medical Board of Ohio Reports Recent Activities

In our previous email notification, we informed you that the State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) released its annual report on August 1; the article is available by clicking here. The SMBO has also reported additional activities in their latest newsletter, including a new lead testing video and changes to wallet cards.  

To help reduce pediatric exposure to lead, the SMBO and Ohio Department of Health collaborated on a new video that outlines blood lead testing guidelines for children. Under Ohio law, primary healthcare providers are required to administer blood lead tests to at-risk children. This training video contains information on risk factors, screening and medical management of lead poisoning. Although the module isn’t mandatory, its review is strongly encouraged. The video is available here.  

The SMBO is no longer automatically printing wallet cards for each license that is issued or renewed, but providers can print a copy of their credentials for proof of licensure from the SMBO website: Starting in the spring of 2017, applicants will have the option to print a wallet card from the online eLicense system. 

Additional updates found in the SMBO’s newsletter can be viewed here.

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