AMA Launches

The American Medical Association (AMA) has launched, a campaign designed to highlight the lack of transparency and inherent unfairness involved in prescription drug pricing.

The interactive microsite allows supporters to take action, from sending a message to Congress to sharing content with their own social networks.  Notably:

  • The overall design of the microsite uses pharmaceutical, scientific and technical industries as inspiration for creative design, and vibrant, energetic colors help emphasize important points throughout the site, such as facts, figures and callouts.
  •  The homepage immediately takes the user through an interactive experience after he/she lands on the site, scrolling through the labels of a drug box to learn about the lack of transparency in drug pricing.
  • The interior pages include “Our Campaign,” which opens with a striking visual and interesting statistic related to understanding the issue; a “Your Stories” page that engages the audience to share content with their social networks, including a meme generator, prepopulated tweets/Facebook posts and a traditional submit your own story option for users; a “Get Involved” page that houses the traditional take action features, allowing users the ability to contact Congress via email, phone and social media; and a “Get Informed” page that houses a variety of resources for the user to explore to gain more knowledge on the issue.

At the 2015 AMA Interim Meeting, the Board of Trustees appointed a 13-member Task Force on Pharmaceutical Costs, chaired by Gerry Harmon, MD, and consisting of representatives of AMA councils, state medical associations, and national medical specialty societies, to provide guidance on AMA advocacy and grassroots efforts aimed at addressing pharmaceutical costs.

Between January and May 2016, the Task Force held four meetings/conference calls and reached agreement that the first phase of the AMA grassroots campaign should focus on increasing drug pricing transparency among pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers and health plans. An online petition calling on Congress to demand that pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers and health plans introduce greater transparency in the processes for determining prescription drug prices was promoted late this summer on the AMA’s Patients’ Acton Network (PAN) and other cause-oriented websites (e.g., and Over 62,000 people have signed the petition.

And, now, consistent with the recommendations of the Task Force, the AMA has launched this new website. They will also push out the link via the PAN and Physicians’ Grassroots Network, and conduct other online and social media promotion to aid in the launch, among other marketing strategies. 

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