AMCNO Members: Board Nominations Remain Open

The Nominating Committee meeting will be held in early January 2017 to determine candidates to run for the AMCNO Board of Directors. Dr. Matthew Levy, the Nominating Committee chairman, is asking AMCNO members to consider running for the board. If you are not interested in running, we ask that you please identify a qualified AMCNO member whom you believe would be an able board member and willing to serve on the board. Increased involvement by our members is essential if the AMCNO is to continue to be a strong and viable organization representing physicians in our community. Directors are elected to represent their district, which is determined by primary hospital affiliation, or at-large for a two-year term and may be elected to no more than three consecutive full terms. Board members are responsible for addressing issues of importance to physicians and the patients they serve as well as setting policy for the AMCNO.

Your help in identifying candidates is most appreciated. If you are interested in running for the AMCNO Board of Directors or know of a colleague who is an AMCNO member that you would like to identify as a board candidate, please click here.

The Pollen Line is now closed. See you in the spring!

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