Gov. Kasich, Lt. Gov. Taylor Urge Thoughtful Repeal and Replacement of Affordable Care Act

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich and Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor have submitted a letter to Republican Congressional leaders that strongly supports a thoughtful strategy to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The letter outlines anticipated serious consequences of repealing the law without a replacement, including insurance market destabilization and wide consumer uncertainty. With these concerns in mind, Gov. Kasich and Lt. Gov. Taylor support a single repeal-and-replace package that quickly repairs damage caused by the ACA, protects those who have gained coverage since 2010, and retains key state-requested reforms that support Medicaid program performance improvements.

Read the letter to the House by clicking here. And click here to read the letter to the Senate.

Governor Kasich is one of several governors seeking flexibility on Medicaid, according to a recent New York Times report, but he is only one of the few who is lobbying to keep the federal financing provided by the ACA law for expanding Medicaid. The other governors are asking their fellow Republicans in Congress to give states more control over both their Medicaid programs and their individual health insurance markets.

To read the Times article, click here.

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