Board of Directors

Fred Jorgensen, MD - President

R. Bruce Cameron, MD– President-Elect

John A. Bastulli, MD – Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Mehrun K. Elyaderani, MD – Secretary-Treasurer

Robert E. Hobbs, MD –  Past President

Thomas E. Collins, MD – Executive Committee Appointee

Carlos Higuera Rueda, MD – Executive Committee Appointee


District I

Pauline Kwok, MD

Gregory A. Nemunaitis, MD


District II

R. Bruce Cameron, MD

Mary Frances Haerr, MD


District III

Kristin A. Englund, MD

Carlos Higuera-Rueda, MD



Bruce J. Averbook, MD

Thomas E. Collins, MD




Pollen Count for May 24, 2017:

Grass: 92 High
Mold: 310 Low

Weed: 0

Tree: 64 Moderate

Ragweed: 0

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