Board of Directors

Robert E. Hobbs, MD - President

Fred M. Jorgensen, MD– President-Elect

John A. Bastulli, MD – Vice President of Legislative Affairs

 Mehrun K. Elyaderani, MD – Secretary-Treasurer

Matthew E. Levy, MD –  Past President

R. Bruce Cameron, MD – Executive Committee Appointee


District I

 Jeffrey E. Binder, DO

Gregory A. Nemunaitis, MD


District II

R. Bruce Cameron, MD

Mary Frances Haerr, MD


District III

Carlos Higuera-Rueda, MD

Tom I. Abelson, MD



Bruce J. Averbook, MD

Thomas E. Collins, MD

David M. Grischkan

Harry L. Reynolds, MD



The PollenLine is closed, but will resume Spring 2017. Thank you!

Grass: 0
Mold: 0

Weed: 0

Tree: 0

Ragweed: 0

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