AMCNO Pollen Line is Now Open for the Allergy Season!

The AMCNO Pollen Line is now available for this year’s allergy season. This community service has been available for more than 50 years, providing a line of defense to many who suffer from seasonal allergies. The AMCNO is pleased to have an area team of allergists who provide the daily pollen counts, which will be available until September 29.

The public can access the free hotline by calling (216) 520-1050, to hear a recorded report on the density of allergens, the probable impact on those who are sensitive to those agents, and what precautions to take. The Pollen Line is accessible 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, with the reports recorded by 8 am. The counts are also listed on the AMCNO homepage as well as the Twitter feed @AMCNOTABLES.

This service features allergists from Allergy Immunology Associates, Inc., who provide the pollen counts on behalf of the AMCNO.

To help patients find an allergist or otolaryngologist, direct them to the AMCNO’s Physician Referral service line at (216) 520-0110, or invite them to click on the Find a Physician link on the AMCNO website.

The Pollen Line is now closed. See you in the spring!

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