Board of Pharmacy Extends Licensure Deadline for Certain Previously Exempted Prescribers

On April 4, 2017, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy adopted a resolution: Extension for Licensure of Entities Possessing Controlled Substances (Adopted 4.3.2017).

The Board grants an extension to all previously exempted prescribers that possess controlled substances in their offices from the requirement to obtain a terminal distributor of dangerous drugs (TDDD) license in accordance with section 4729.541 of the Revised Code. This extension is valid until June 1, 2017.

This resolution extends the TDDD licensing requirement for these exempted prescribers to June 1. Wholesalers will still be permitted to sell to these locations during this extension period. 

After June 1, a wholesaler shipping controlled substances to any prescriber office in Ohio must verify the prescriber is appropriately licensed as a Category III TDDD by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

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