Anthem Announces it Will Not Offer ACA Plans in Ohio in 2018

Anthem has announced that it will be pulling out of Ohio’s health insurance exchanges next year, potentially leaving 20 counties in the state—and approximately 10,500 Ohioans—without any offerings on the exchanges available to them. Anthem has already filed plans to provide Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans next year in Virginia, Maine, and Connecticut, but this is the insurer’s first withdrawal from the exchanges and it raises concerns in the 13 other states in which Anthem provides ACA plans that the insurer may still pull its exchanges.

Anthem cited a “lack of certainty around billions of dollars in federal payments that help reduce out-of-pocket costs for lower-income Americans,” and “overall unpredictability in regard to the ACA marketplaces” as reasons for its departure from the exchanges.

Reuters reports Anthem was the only insurer left in Ohio that was providing plans in all 88 counties across the state.

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