Ohio Department of Medicaid Releases First Primary Care Clinician Report Card

In an initiative created in alignment with the Office of Health Transformation’s goals of transparency and improved performance for those who provide healthcare services, the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) has released its first Primary Care Clinician Report Card.

Through these report cards, clinicians will be able to compare their performance to the performance of other clinicians serving the Medicaid population in Ohio and take important steps to improve the quality of care delivered to these patients and to improve their health outcomes.

ODM estimates that 6,000 primary care clinicians will receive a report card; the reports are available to Medicaid providers on the Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS) portal. ODM encourages clinicians to use the information in the report cards, including patient-level supplemental files, to take important steps to help improve care and reduce unnecessary utilization. The report cards will be updated and released on a quarterly basis, and they will continue to evolve to include expanded metrics.

A Primary Care Clinician Report Card user guide and frequently-asked-questions document are available on the ODM’s website by clicking here. Any questions or comments about the initiative should be directed to ReportCards@medicaid.ohio.gov.

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