The Senate Overrides Six of Gov. Kasich’s Medicaid-Related Vetoes in Budget Bill

In July, the AMCNO reported that the House had overridden 11 of Gov. John Kasich’s vetoes in the biennial budget—10 of the vetoes pertained to Medicaid. Recently, the Senate voted to override six of Gov. Kasich’s Medicaid-related vetoes. They can still act on four of those remaining Medicaid-related provisions pushed forward by the House before the end of this General Assembly in 2018.

Several of the veto overrides included provisions that would affect eligibility, rates and the carve-in of certain Medicaid populations into managed care.

The Senate confirmed several pieces of House override policy, including the withholding of funds for the Medicaid expansion group through the Controlling Board, the requirement of Ohio Revised Code for optional coverage groups in Medicaid, and the halting of carve-in into managed care for the long-term care and behavioral health populations.

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