Governors Send Congress a Bipartisan Blueprint for Stable, Affordable Health Insurance Coverage

Gov. John Kasich has sent a letter to Congress, signed by him and seven other governors, that encourages lawmakers to take immediate steps to make health insurance coverage more stable and affordable and how they can do so.

The bipartisan blueprint recommends immediate federal action to stabilize markets, responsible reforms that preserve recent coverage gains and control costs, and an active federal/state partnership that is based on innovation and a shared commitment to improve overall health system performance.

As stated in the letter, continuing uncertainty about the direction of federal policy is driving up premiums, eliminating competition, and leaving consumers with fewer choices. Insurers have until the end of September to make final decisions about participating in the marketplaces. Congress and the Administration need to send a strong signal now that the individual market will remain viable this year, next year, and into the future, the authors write.

They conclude by stating that governors have extensive expertise with implementing changes to the health insurance system, and they are ready to work with Congress to develop solutions to providing quality, affordable coverage for the country’s most vulnerable citizens.

To read the full letter, click here.

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