Ohio Department of Medicaid Releases Annual Managed Care Report Card

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has released its annual report card of the state’s managed care plans. The report compares each plan against the average in five different performance areas: how the plan helps members get care, the quality of doctors’ communication and service, how well the plan keeps kids healthy and helps people living with illness, and the level of coverage for women’s health.

This year’s grades show variations in some of the categories compared to the 2016 report card (click here to review last year’s article on the topic).

CareSource and Molina Healthcare were the only two plans that did not score below average in any category. CareSource was above average in two categories—docrors’ communication and service and keeping kids healthy—and Molina was above average in helping members live with illness. These rankings are consistent with last year’s findings.

Buckeye Health Plan was below average in living with illness again this year, but improved to average in two of the other categories compared with last year (ie, getting care and keeping kids healthy), and once again scored above average in women’s health.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan scored below average in both living with illness and women’s health, but was above average in getting care, as it was in the 2016 report.

Paramount Advantage was below average in getting care and doctors’ communication and service compared to its average rankings in these categories last year, but it remained as average in the other three categories. 

To view the complete 2017 report card, click here.

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