AMCNO Assists in Promoting Know The Risks Campaign

The AMCNO is pleased to partner with the “Opioids: Know the Risks” (#KnowTheRx) campaign in our community.  This campaign is a collaborative ongoing effort among local agencies and organizations, production companies, hospitals, and media outlets, and organizations like the AMCNO which intends to address the opioid epidemic. A full list of the community partners can be found here.   

The campaign has included news coverage, public service announcements, commercials, print advertisements and social media outreach on the risks associated with prescription opioids. It is organized by the Cuyahoga County Opioid Marketing Task Force, which is comprised of officials from Cuyahoga County, the City of Cleveland, the medical examiner's office, the U.S. Attorney's Office and local hospitals.

The campaign is intended to supplement ongoing efforts that have focused on treating those with an addiction, supporting their families, and stopping the spread of drugs. Many people do not realize the risks that they are taking when they take that first pill. It is a fine line between appropriate prescription use and addiction abuse. Physicians are prescribing drugs appropriately but there are risks attached to this practice, and this campaign is meant to open up a dialogue between patients and providers. This is not a campaign against doctors

Hospitals are already providing information to patients about prescription drugs, and the AMCNO is looking to supplement that education.

Click here to obtain a copy of the brochure that is part of the Know the Risks campaign and is branded with the AMCNO logo. We encourage our members to share it with their patients to open the lines of communication about the issue.

If you would like to learn more about the campaign from the Cuyahoga County Office of the Executive website and review the additional materials available in the toolkit, click here. In addition, is hosted by and is locally focused. It contains additional resources for patients and providers. 

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