Take Charge Ohio Initiative Promotes Safe Pain Management Practices and Offers Resources

The Ohio Department of Health, along with several key partners, developed the Take Charge Ohio initiative to help promote safe pain management practices and prevent the misuse of pain medication. The website, TakeChargeOhio.org, is available to healthcare professionals and the public, and offers valuable resources for both groups.

Resources and tools are offered for prescribers and other healthcare professionals who are looking to properly educate patients on safe medication and pain management practices. For patients who want to learn more about the scope of the problem in Ohio, the consequences, and how they can take action by sharing what they’ve learned can do so through free, ready-to-use resources.

The website includes toolkits for healthcare professionals, patients, the general public, and public awareness campaigns. An opioid risk quiz assesses a person’s risk level for addiction when prescribed an opioid medication to manage pain, and there are tips on safe pain management as well as information on the safe disposal of unused medications.

The mission of this initiative is to empower all Ohioans to work together to safely use pain medication. All of Ohio is affected by the opioid epidemic and it will take all of its citizens to turn the tide.

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