Special Alert Sent to AMCNO Members Concerning the OARRS Letters Sent in Error by the Pharmacy Board

Yesterday, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy reported that it had erroneously sent emails to approximately 7,000 prescribers alleging failure to comply with laws regarding the use of the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS). The messages were sent without the knowledge of the State Medical Board of Ohio and may contain inaccurate information. If you receive the Pharmacy Board’s email, please disregard it. No action is required at this time.

Both the Pharmacy Board and the State Medical Board of Ohio contacted the AMCNO to say that the emails contained inaccurate data and were not supposed to have been generated and sent. In addition, both boards have issued statements on their websites about the error. By now, physicians who received the original email should have also received a second email from the Pharmacy Board alerting them to the error and asking them to disregard the earlier message. The Pharmacy Board has since apologized for the error and any concerns it may have caused for physicians and their patients.

Read the message from the Medical Board here: http://med.ohio.gov/Publications/RecentNews/TabId/246/ArticleId/68/state-of-ohio-board-of-pharmacy-mistakenly-sends-oarrs-email.aspx.

The AMCNO is unaware of which physicians were affected by the incorrect OARRS message, but we have received calls from some of our members who received this notification, so we sent a special alert to all of our members as a precaution, to help clarify any confusion.

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