Community Relations & Health Information Technology

Committee Charge: Shall explore and recommend ways and means through which the AMCNO might communicate promptly and more effectively with its members in this area of rapid change in the medical profession and to consider how to adapt to technical changes in communications methods.


Committee Charge: Shall request for honors nominees from the membership. Shall select and approve new nominees for honors and present the selected individuals with honors awards.


Committee Charge: Shall review health-related legislation at the state and federal levels and recommend appropriate action; monitor government-appointed task forces on health issues and communicate with elected officials.

Medical Legal

Committee Charge:  Provide updates, information and references to assist AMCNO members dealing with medical/legal issues in their practice, respond to appropriate questions from members regarding medical/legal questions of general concern, review request for amicus briefs and other related case review and provides opinions to appropriate AMCNO physician leadership, provide support to the legislative committee on targeted initiatives, and evaluate criteria relative to judicial candidates as requested.

Membership Recruitment & Retention

Committee Charge: Shall work on strategies affecting AMCNO membership retention and recruitment; and shall define the value of membership by evaluating AMCNO services, membership categories and networking opportunities through social events.


Committee Charge: Shall develop slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors.


Committee Charge: Shall count ballots following the balloting for the Board of Directors. After counting, the committee shall report the results to the Board of Directors.

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