HPIO Releases Infant Mortality Report

The Legislative Service Commission (LSC) contracted with the Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO), as required by Senate Bill 332, to issue a report regarding the social determinants of infant mortality. On Dec. 1, HPIO delivered the final report, “A New Approach to Reduce Infant Mortality and Achieve Equity,” which was developed with guidance from more than 100 Ohio stakeholders.

The report describes the many ways that factors beyond medical care affect the health of infants and their families, such as housing, transportation, education and employment, as required by SB 332; assesses the extent to which the current policies and programs related to these factors meet the needs of Ohioans who are most at risk for infant mortality; identifies lessons learned from other states that have successfully reduced overall and black infant mortality rates; and offers specific, actionable and evidence-informed policy options that state and local policymakers can employ to address unmet needs and inequities.

To learn more about this project, click here to view the full report, a 2-page snapshot, an executive summary and additional background information. 

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