ODH Releases New Online Tools to Support Community Health Improvement

Every local health district and tax-exempt hospital is required to develop a community health improvement plan. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) recently released several new online tools that make it easier for anyone to identify local health priorities, ensure those priorities are addressed in local hospital and health district improvement plans, and compare hospitals in the type of community benefit they provide.   

Below are links to the online tools and brief explanations:

  • State and County Health Facts – select a specific category, such as population health or access to health care, or choose a certain county to view its health profile
  • Community Health Improvement Plans – by clicking on the map, you can access links to a county’s local health department and local hospitals as well as view each entity’s community health improvement plan and strategy
  • Hospital Community Benefit Scorecard – this resource lists all of the hospitals in Ohio and how each one is ranked regarding community benefit expenditures

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