The Ohio Health Information Partnership (OHIP)

ClinicSync, (also known as the Ohio Health Information Partnership) was designated by Governor Ted Strickland in August 2009, to oversee the adoption and use of electronic medical records by Ohio's health care providers. The partnership has received more than $43 million in state and federal funding and is charged with implementing and overseeing a statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE) that will improve access to data and patient information by authorized health care providers while ensuring patient privacy.

ClinicSync is collaborating with industry experts to provide educational, technical, and procurement services to health care providers who need to implement electronic medical records and achieve meaningful use to qualify for up to $63,750 in incentive payments from the federal government.

The AMCNO is integrally involved with the Ohio Health Information Partnership. The AMCNO has physician and staff representatives on various Partnership committees and we provide input to the Partnership on a regular basis.  The AMCNO serves as a member of the Case Regional Extension Center Governance Committee and the AMCNO is also a founding member of the Partnership Learning and Action Network. For more information about how ClinicSync and the Ohio Health Information Partnership are helping physicians and hospitals in Ohio, click here.

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