Tri-C Information Technology Advisory Council

The AMCNO is pleased to be a participant on the Tri-C Health Information Technology Council.  This council was formed to provide input to Tri-C as part of their Region C Midwest Community College Health Information Technology Consortium which provides training in six workforce roles to support electronic record (EHR) implementation.  Students are working with RECs, community health centers, and health care associations to support adoption and implementation of EHRs and convey the benefits of meaningful use of health IT to improve patient care.  Tri-C is working with Healthbridge and the Ohio Health Information Partnership to garner their assistance in placing graduates in positions around the state.  Tri-C is also interested in working with physician organizations like the AMCNO and health care institutions to place graduates out in the community.   If you or your practice needs an  intern, new staff or training for your existing staff, please contact the HIT project lead at Tri-C to discuss your needs.  The AMCNO is pleased to be assisting Tri-C in bringing this program to the attention of our members.  If you are looking for HIT help in your practice or hospital and would like more information about the HIT program at Tri-C, go to or call 216.987.2723 and ask for Ronna McNair - the program manager of the Health Information Technology program.

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