Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System

The Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS) is a free online tool for physicians and other prescribers to check to see if new or existing patients are potentially abusing dangerous drugs or obtaining prescriptions from multiple providers that could cause adverse drug interactions. Outpatient pharmacies that dispense controlled substances to Ohio residents are required to report information into the database at regular intervals.

OARRS can help physicians improve patient care, reduce prescription abuse, and prescribe safely. Are you registered for OARRS? If you are not using it, you need to start today.

OARRS can help prescribers:

  • Provide better patient care
  • Identify patients with potential drug seeking behaviors
  • Ensure that the patient’s drug therapy is appropriate
  • Comply with “press pause” clinical guidelines at 80 morphine equivalent dose (MED)
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of clinical guidelines, making adoption of prescribing rules unnecessary



Ohio Emergency and Acute Care Facility Opioids and Other Controlled Substances Guidelines

Information on Drug Overdose in Ohio

GCOAT Abuse and Addiction Statistics

Fact Sheet on New Prescribing Guidelines 


The state regulatory boards have adopted clinical prescribing guidelines. Using the recently adopted 80 MED guidelines in coordination with OARRS reports is a best practice that offers insight into a patient’s use of controlled substances while also alerting prescribers to possible medication conflicts as well as signs of abuse, addiction or diversion. OARRS reports have recently been enhanced to include a dosage calculator to assist prescribers in determining whether patients are at, near or over the daily 80 MED.

The Professional Education Reforming Prescribing Practices Workgroup of the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team (GCOAT) has identified OARRS registration and usage as one of the three key initiatives to reduce the misuse and abuse of prescription opioids in Ohio and to decrease the number of negative consequences from the use of Schedule II drugs. For more information on the work being done by the GCOAT, please visit Ohio’s opioid prescribing website.



Register for OARRS

State Medical Board of Ohio Rule 4731-11-11

FAQ on the State Medical Board of Ohio Rule 4731-11-11

HB 93, passed in 2011, requires all Ohio prescribers to register for OARRS and query the system according to rules established by the Ohio State Medical Board. To establish an account with OARRS:

  • Click here to complete the online registration.
  • Print the application and have your signature notarized
  • Mail the application and a copy of your driver's license, medical license and DEA registration to the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
  • The registration process takes about two weeks. 

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