• (L) Dr. Fred Jorgensen (l) is sworn in by Immediate Past President Dr. Robert Hobbs. (R) Dr. Hobbs receives a gift for his year of service.

  • Resident member Dr. Brian Myers (2nd from l) attends an SMBO meeting with other residents from CCF Fairview.

Physician Referral

Looking for a physician, but don't know where to start? Then try The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Northern Ohio’s Physician Referral service. In just one phone call, you can locate a physician by specialty or location in-rotation with other physicians in the area. The AMCNO Physician Referral will inform you of your prospective physician's specialty, subspecialties, and hospital affiliation. Physician Referral can also tell you if a physician makes house calls or speaks a second language. The AMCNO Physician Referral service is free to the public and participating physicians. All participating physicians are AMCNO members.

Please note: the AMCNO does not rank or rate physicians. Referrals are given out based upon your zip code and the specialty desired. Please be advised that it is up to the physician if they wish to take new patients. 

For more information to find a physician, contact the Referral Coordinator at 216.520.0110, or use the Find a Physician on the Home Page

Pollen Count for August 17, 2017:

Grass: 0
Mold: 1265 Low

Weed: 9 Low

Tree: 0

Ragweed: 3 Low

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