Legislative Activities
See AMCNO’s current legislative initiatives and sponsored legislative lunches & events.

AMCNO Current Legislative Initiatives

The AMCNO is the largest regional medical association in the country and as such we are the voice of physicians in Northern Ohio.  For an update on the AMCNO’s position on current legislation click here

AMCNO Sponsored Legislative Lunches & Events

The AMCNO invites its physician members to discuss legislative issues with area legislators on a regular basis through scheduled legislative luncheons and other regional events.  During the AMCNO sponsored legislative luncheons, legislators meet with our physician members to discuss healthcare issues and legislative matters that may impact the practice of medicine and the Northern Ohio community. If your group or hospital is interested in hosting an AMCNO legislative lunch or event, contact Elayne Biddlestone at 216.520.1000 ext. 100.

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