Legal Updates

January / February 2018 | Volume 103 | Issue 1

AMCNO Files Amicus Brief Emphasizing Ohio Law Concerning Standard-of-Care Testimony by Susan Audey, Tucker Ellis LLP


November / December 2017 | Volume 102 | Issue 6

New Medical Marijuana Rules Allow Ohio Physicians to Recommend Marijuana in Patient Care by Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak and Richard C. Cooper, McDonald Hopkins LLC

The Ohio Supreme Court Declines to Accept Jurisdiction of the 10th Appellate District Decision in Pontius v. Riverside Radiology & Interventional Assoc., Inc., by Chris Mars, Esq., and Bret C. Perry, Esq., Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. LPA

The Supreme Court Resolves Split Between Ohio Appellate Courts: Statements of Fault are Inadmissible Under the Ohio Apology Statute by Susan Audey, Christina Marino, and Brandon Cox, Tucker Ellis LLP


September / October 2017 | Volume 102 | Issue 5

Marijuana in Patient Care--Nine Model Guidelines, from the Federation of State Medical Boards by Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, Elizabeth Sullivan, and Richard C. Cooper, McDonald Hopkins LLC


July / August 2017 | Volume 102 | Issue 4

A Cybersecurity Update and Resource Guide for Healthcare Organizations by Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, Richard C. Cooper, James J. Giszczak, and Rick L. Hindmand, McDonald Hopkins LLC


May / June 2017 | Volume 102 | Issue 3

The American Health Care Act (AHCA): GOP Efforts to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act--What can Healthcare Providers Anticipate Moving Forward? by Elizabeth Sullivan, Esq., and Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, Esq., McDonald Hopkins LLC

The Ohio Supreme Court Refuses to Consider Whether a Medical Provider is Vicariously Liable for a Rogue Employee's Unauthorized Use of a Patient's Medical Record by Bret C. Perry, Esq., and Jason A. Paskan, Esq., Attorneys with Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. LPA


March / April 2017 | Volume 102 | Issue 2

At the Dawn of Immigration Reform, Compliance Pitfalls to Avoid in Employing Foreign Nationals in Healthcare Settings by Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, Esq., McDonald Hopkins LLC


January / February 2017 | Volume 102 | Issue 1

The Constitutionality of Caps on Noneconomic Damages Survives Supreme Court Scrutiny by Susan M. Audey, Esq., Tucker Ellis, LLP

AMCNO Scores a Victory with Ohio Supreme Court Decision

Ohio Supreme Court Decision Impacts Discovery Issues in Medical Malpractice Cases by Martin T. Galvin, Reminger Co., LPA

The Hazy Rollout of Ohio's Medical Marijuana Control Program by Jeff McCourt and Dan O'Brien, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP


November / December 2016 | Volume 101 | Issue 6

What Should I Know about MACRA Alternative Payment Models? by LaDonna Kessler, CMUP, and Tamiya Williams, CMPE, Senior Managers at Medic Management Group, LLC

Employing Advanced Practice Providers: Balancing Benefits and Potential Malpratice Risks by Kathleen Moon, ARNP, LHRM, Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company


September / October 2016 | Volume 101 | Issue 5

Ohio Medical Marijuana Law to Take Effect in September by Cassandra Manna, JD, Roetzel and Andress, LPA


July / August 2016 | Volume 101 | Issue 4

AMCNO Files Amicus Brief to the Ohio Supreme Court Dealing with Protected Patient Information by Bret C. Perry, Esq., and Jason A. Paskan, Esq., Attorneys with Bonezzi Switzer Polito & Hupp Co. LPA


March / April 2016 | Volume 101 | Issue 2

Terminating Hospital Employment Agreements by Laura F. Fryan, Esq. and J. Ryan Williams, Esq., Brouse McDowell


November / December 2015 | Volume 100 | Issue 6

The AMCNO Weighs in on Important Tort-Reform Issue before Ohio Supreme Court by Susan M. Audey, Esq.


September / October 2015 | Volume 100 | Issue 5

Ohio Supreme Court and 8th District Court of Appeals Trade Ability of Defendants to Immediately Appeal Rulings Requiring Production of Privileged Materials by Martin T. Galvin and Catherine Sturik

House Bill 4 -- Expanding Access to Naloxone in Ohio

The Affordable Care Act: Exchanges & Tax Credits in The Supreme Court's King v. Burwell Decision by Brian T. Gannon, Esq., and Catherine Sturik, Esq.


July / August 2015 | Volume 100 | Issue 4

Hospital Patient Status, "Two Midnight" is the Rule by J. Ryan Williams, Esq., and Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak, Esq.

Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) Overview


May / June 2015 | Volume 100 | Issue 3

The Time to Prepare for a HIPAA Audit is Now by John Mulligan, Esq.

False Claims Act - 2015 Update by Seamus McMahon, Esq.

Summary of Activity on Ohio's Return to Play Law


March / April 2015 | Volume 100 | Issue 2

Medical Records Case Could Reshape the Definition of "Medical Records" by Martin Galvin, Esq., and David Valent, Esq.

OARRS Medical/Legal Update by Martin Galvin, Esq., and David Valent, Esq.

Foreseeability of Harm may be Necessary to Prove Medical Malpractice by Christine Marshall, Esq.


January / February 2015 | Volume 100 | Issue 1

The Affordable Care Act: Recent Developments by David Valent, Esq.

Navigating HIPAA and Cybersecurity in the Cloud by Rick Hindmand, Esq.


July / August 2014 | Volume 99 | Issue 4

Ohio State Medical Board Promulgates New Regulations with Respect to the Termination of a Physician-Patient Relationship and the Notification of Patients When a Physician Leaves a Medical Pratice; John T. Mulligan, Esq.


January / February 2014 | Volume 99 | Issue 1

Ohio Supreme Court Levles the Playing Fields in the Admission of Evidence of Medical Bills; Douglas G. Leak, LPA

Affordable Care Act Update; David Valent, Esq.


November / December 2013 | Volume 98 | Issue 6

State Medical Board of Ohio Published Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids.

HIPAA Compliance: Reminder of "Final Rule" Changes - Are you Ready?; David Valent, Esq.

AMCNO Participates in Evolution of Patient Navigation Program


September / October 2013 | Volume 98 | Issue 5

Affordable Care Act Update; David A. Valent, Esq. and Amanda M. Gatti, Esq

Reforming Tort Reform: What's Going On With Ohio's Affidavit of Merit Rule?; Ed Taber, Esq.

OIG Advisory Opinion; Jane Pine Wood, Esq.


July / August 2013 | Volume 98 | Issue 4

The Physician Payment Sunshine Act - Answers to the 5W's; David E. Schweighoefer and J. Ryan Williams

Affordable Care Act:  Implementation is Still a Work in Progress; David Valent, Esq


May / June 2013 | Volume 98 | Issue 3

Compliance Measures Needed by Healthcare Providers to Prevent Violation of Healthcare Billing and Complaince with the Affordable Care Act

The Health of Your On-Line Reputation

Medical Legal Summit Addresses Issues of Importance to Physicians and Attorneys


March / April 2013 | Volume 98 | Issue 2

Ohio Governor Decides to Expand Medicaid

HITECH Final Rule Revises Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules


January / February 2013 | Volume 98 | Issue 1

AMCNO Co-Sponsors Medical Malpractice Seminar

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Ohio Supreme Court Rules on Statute of Repose



A Physician’s Guide to Understanding the Litigation Process: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Issues Involving the Ownership, Retention and Storage of Patient Records and the Notification of Patients When a Physician Leaves a Group Practice

Considering the Potential Impact of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) on Informed Consent

United States Supreme Court Rules Against Prescription Data Restriction Law

HIPAA Audits are Coming: The Time to Prepare is Now


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