The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio Political Action Committee (NOMPAC) is a voluntary, non-partisan political action committee formed to raise funds to assist the AMCNO to be more effective in the state political arena. The AMCNO's NOMPAC contributions assist in fostering relations with members of the Ohio General Assembly and assist "our friends" in being elected to the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate.

The AMCNO's NOMPAC enables physicians to assist in the election of public officials who will be accessible and responsive to physicians and the needs of the patients we serve. Increased political involvement through NOMPAC will be important to our efforts to impact issues that affect us. If we are to be successful in achieving our goals, we must be active in the political and legislative arenas.

A contribution to NOMPAC will help the AMCNO's impact on important legislative and regulatory issues. The AMCNO's NOMPAC is a sound investment in your career and the future of medicine, and your best avenue to affect positive change at the state level.

Your assistance and contribution is vital to the success of NOMPAC.  You can join the PAC by making a contribution today.  State law requires that you include your full name and street address (not post office box) with your contribution. 

Please contact Elayne Biddlestone at or 216.520.1000 ext. 100 if you would like more information about the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio Political Action Committee or donate now online.  Thank you for your support of NOMPAC.

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