AMCNO Joins AMA Alliance to Standardize Reports Used in Physician Profiling

The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio (AMCNO) has joined a American Medical Association (AMA) effort supported by more than 60 organizations designed to turn the data reports physicians receive from health insurers into more useful tools to enhance the quality and value of patient care.

The "Guidelines for Reporting Physician Data" aim to make physician data reports, which are complex and unique to each health plan, easy to understand and use. Created by the AMA with input from public and private health insurers, state and specialty medical societies, and employer and consumer coalitions, the guidelines provide a roadmap for improving the usefulness of physician data reports for data-driven decision making.

In particular, the guidelines call for greater standardization of the format of reports, increased transparency of the reporting process and a heightened level of detail.  Among the organizations that support use of the new guidelines are the National Committee on Quality Assurance, Cigna, Midwest Business Group on Health and UnitedHealth Group.  A guide from the AMA also helps physicians verify the accuracy of profiling reports and use the data for practice improvement.

The AMCNO has long advocated for legislation in the state of Ohio that would standardize physician profiling reports as well as increase transparency in the health insurers reporting processes.  The AMCNO has introduced legislation at the state level as well to address physician profiling issues and we will continue to pursue passage of the legislation along with providing strong support for this important AMA initiative.

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