Resident Seminars

Through the generous support of the Academy of Medicine Education Foundation (AMEF) and the William E. Lower Fund, the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio (AMCNO) provides the venue for a seminar geared toward physicians in training entitled “UNDERSTANDING THE LEGAL AND FINANCIAL ASPECTS OF PRACTICING MEDICINE.”  

This seminar covered such topics as estate planning for young physicians, benefits available to physicians, legal issues for new physicians joining a medical practice, business opportunities for new physicians and disability programs and planning for the future.  This session is always very well attended and provides valuable insights for residents about to enter the practice of medicine.   The AMCNO has offered this seminar to resident physicians for over 13 years. For more information on this yearly seminar please click here or contact the AMCNO office at 216-520-1000.

To register, call Abby Bell at 216-520-1000 or email





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