AMCNO Mini-Internship

The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio (AMCNO) Mini-Internship Program gives key opinion-makers in our community an opportunity to learn more about the area healthcare system through a program involving visits to area hospitals and the experience of "shadowing" individual physicians as they go about their practices. One of the AMCNO’s most popular programs, the Mini-Internship and has been a highly effective way of giving important members of our community a better appreciation of the strengths and challenges of Northern Ohio physicians and hospitals.

Participating physician members of the AMCNO represent a broad, basic spectrum of medical care, including those specialties to which the majority of patients are routinely exposed. These areas include family practice, internal medicine, surgery, emergency medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology and other specialty fields. While the primary focus is basic “in-the-trenches” medical care, an attempt is made for each intern to be exposed to different specialty experiences during this two-day period.

Interns are invited from the ranks of industry and business, politics, media, labor, clergy, education and healthcare coalitions. Interns spend a half-day in each placement, shadowing physicians while they interact with their patients, perform surgeries, complete paperwork, care for emergency room patients, deal with insurance carriers and more. The interns and physicians begin the two-day internship by meeting at an orientation dinner and conclude the program with a debriefing dinner where they discuss their experiences. Following the Mini-Internship, many participants have a new outlook on the medical profession. Click on the link below for a list of past participants from previous programs.

In today’s healthcare environment of spiraling costs, confusion, criticism, litigation and misunderstanding, the AMCNO feels healthcare professionals must respond to medical consumers’ concerns by establishing continuous and open communication. This communication must flow two ways if we are to make progress in the effort to resolve conflicts and devise constructive methods of containing costs without sacrificing the access to and quality of patient care.      
The AMCNO Mini-Internship Program is an effort to achieve these ends by exposing the humane concerns of medical practitioners through first-hand experience for lay interns. It also provides physicians with input from a broad spectrum of the community.

Program participants are chosen by the AMCNO and represent community leaders from around the Northern Ohio and state administrative and legislative offices.  

Physician members interested in participating in the AMCNO Mini-Internship Program may click here for the online form or call the AMCNO offices at 216.520.1000, ext. 101.

Click here to see the Program Description and the Rationale

Click here to see a video of Dr. William Seitz talking with AMCNO member Dr. Anthony Bacevice, Jr., about the program and his role as facilitator of it.

Click here for a list of past participants from previous programs



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