Vote and Vaccinate

Each November, on Election Day, the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Northern Ohio (AMCNO) hosts the very successful Vote & Vaccinate program. Now in its 14th year, the AMCNO Vote & Vaccinate program occurs at various polling locations across the Northern Ohio region. Both pneumonia and seasonal flu shots will be administered to senior citizens in neighborhoods where vaccination rates are low.  

Guidelines established by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that October and November are ideal months for effective immunization against seasonal influenza for all age groups. The cost of seasonal flu and pneumonia shots is covered by Medicare Part B. Registered nurses and pharmacists will administer the seasonal influenza and pneumonia vaccines at various polling locations across the region.

Vote & Vaccinate is a parallel program to voting and not connected with the Board of Elections. The goal is to conveniently offer the vaccinations to senior citizens when they vote on Election Day. 


The Pollen Line is now closed. See you in the spring!

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