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The Academy of Medicine Education Foundation (AMEF)

The Academy of Education Foundation (AMEF) does amazing work to enhance medical education within the Northern Ohio community and has for many years. In the YouTube video link below, Dr. Anthony Bacevice discusses the AMEF with Dr. Ron Savrin. Click on the link to learn more about this outstanding non-profit organization – the charitable arm of the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio.

To learn more about the AMEF, click on this YouTube link.



In 1958, the Cuyahoga County Medical Foundation (CCMF) was formed by the physician leadership of the medical society then known as the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Medical Association. The original funding for the CCMF was from voluntary contributions as a result of successful polio vaccination program sponsored by the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland in 1958 and 1962. The largest continuing commitment of CCMF as student scholarship grants to worthy students in the medical field. In 2001, the CCMF became known as the Academy of Medicine Education Foundation (AMEF).


The mission of AMEF is to enhance healthcare through education of the medical profession and the community at large. The purpose of AMEF is to add a charitable component to the AMCNO and to partner with the AMCNO in implementing new initiatives for both physicians and the patient population through charitable, educational and scientific efforts. AMEF enhances the philosophy of the AMCNO in its focus on health oriented education for physicians, their staff and patients by providing support for meaningful education and highlighting the value and quality of healthcare. A showcase for a philanthropic spirit is provided through the Foundation for physicians who desire to give back to the community and the profession they serve.

AMEF Purpose Statements

  1. To promote education and research in the field of medicine by the establishment or financing of fellowships, scholarships, lectures, research projects, and awards, on such terms as this Corporation may deem best;
  1. Provide and promote educational programs on the science of medicine, including presentations on clinical care and new procedures;
  1. Provide and promote health education for the welfare of the community, identifying public health issues and unmet community health care needs and making proposals for dealing with such issues and filling such needs for the benefit of the public;
  1. Maintain and provide educational materials and publications concerning health care to the members, related public service organizations and citizens of the community;
  1. Support medical education at local medical schools by providing lectures and counseling services;
  1. Support local public health programs and initiatives;
  1. Sponsor seminars on topics of medical education and public health issues;
  1. Assist in the production of educational radio and television programs, telephone recordings, and computer and electronic programs and materials, designed in each case to educate members of the general public on matters of health care and public health issues;
  1. Make grants, donations, or contributions of funds or other property of the Corporation to other charitable, scientific, and educational trusts, organizations or institutions.


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