For 190 years, The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio (AMCNO) has been the leading advocate for physicians to provide the best possible health care to patients. The AMCNO represents more than 5,000 physician members and is dedicated to improving the practice of medicine for you, your staff and your patients.

What We Do

  • Legislative advocacy: The AMCNO represents physicians before the Ohio General Assembly, State Medical Board, and other state and federal regulatory boards.
  • Provide legal counsel, contract and practice review, insurance services, practice promotion tools, and investment options.
  • Keep members informed of changes and developments in the medical community through our magazine, the Northern Ohio Physician; a weekly email news bulletin; quarterly practice management newsletter and our website
  • Cultivate media relations within the community to keep the issues of importance to organized medicine at the forefront.
  • Provide education opportunities, new programs and patient referral opportunities.
  • Offer community services such as physician referral and the Pollen line.
  • Provide access to legislators for our members through our website, along with other timely information.
  • Work collaboratively with hospital chiefs of staff, community organizations and other associations in Northeastern Ohio and Columbus.

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