AMCNO Works with other Groups in Support of Continuing Medicaid Coverage

The AMCNO is a member of the Northeast Ohio Health Action Council (NEOHAC), which was formerly known as NEOMEC (Northeast Ohio Medicaid Expansion Coalition). This group continues to be active in our region and also works with the statewide coalition to support the continuation of Medicaid coverage for the thousands of individuals who became covered under the Medicaid program following the Medicaid expansion.

Recently, NEOHAC arranged a Lobby Day in Columbus, and during the event, coalition members met with legislators from the Northern Ohio area to discuss the importance of continuing the Medicaid coverage. AMCNO President Dr. James Coviello and AMNCO EVP/CEO Elayne Biddlestone participated in this event and provided insight into how the changes to the Medicaid program have impacted the health and well-being of patients in the community. The AMCNO will continue to have discussions with legislators on this important issue and provide information back to our membership as the budget process continues.

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