Calling Your Elected Officials

While it usually is best to put your views in writing, when a vote is scheduled to take place immediately, calling your representative’s office is an effective way to make your voice heard. Before calling your elected official, make sure you have evaluated the legislation in question.  State the bill number (SB XX or HB XX) and its topic then discuss with your legislator how the bill would affect you and your practice and ask for the legislator’s support of your position. 

All the points in the previous section apply when you are phoning your legislator’s office. Additionally, it is very important to remember two cardinal rules:

  • Give your full name and address; and,
  • Keep your call short and to the point.

Unless you are a personal friend of the legislator, it is not necessary to speak directly to him/her. You can leave a message about your concerns with the legislator’s staff member who handles the issue in question.  Regarding this issue, just express your opinions. Say why you feel the way you do and state what action you want your legislator to take.   Ask for documentation that the message was transmitted to your legislator.

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