AMCNO Welcomes New 2015 Board Members and President

Congratulations to the current and new additions to the AMCNO’s Board of Directors. Officers: Matthew E. Levy, MD, President; James M. Coviello, MD, Immediate Past-President, Robert E. Hobbs, MD, President-Elect; John A. Bastulli, MD, Vice President of Legislative Affairs; and Fred Jorgensen, MD, Secretary-Treasurer. 

Board members: 

District I - Jeffrey Binder, DO; Mehrun Elyaderani, MD;

District II - Bruce Averbook, MD; Gleb Moysaenko, MD;

District III - John Tumbush, DO; David Grischkan, MD;

District IV - Philip Junglas, MD; R. Bruce Cameron, MD;

District V - Robert Hobbs, MD; Tom Abelson, MD;

At Large - Laura David, MD; Debra DeJoseph, MD; Tom Collins, MD; and Harry Reynolds, MD.

Welcome Dr. Matthew E. Levy to your new role as President of The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio! Please visit our website to see what Dr. Levy has to share about the AMCNO at the President’s Corner.

The Pollen Line is now closed. See you in the spring!

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