Mid-Year Quality and Resource Use Reports (MYQRURs) Now Available

The 2014 Mid-Year Quality and Resource Use Reports (MYQRURs) recently became available. These reports contain interim information about performance on the six cost and three quality outcomes measures that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) calculates from Medicare claims that are used to calculate the 2016 Value Modifier (VM).


The Physician Feedback/Value Modifier website was recently updated to include more supporting information (Fact Sheets and Measure Information Forms) about the VM. Fact sheets on the following topics were added:


  • Attribution: The two-step attribution process associates beneficiaries with taxpayor identification numbers (TINs) during the year performance is assessed.
  • Specialty Adjustment: Starting with the 2014 QRURs and the 2016 VM, CMS will adjust all cost measures for each practitioner's specialty and each TIN's specialty mix to facilitate comparisons in healthcare costs across disparate TINs.
  • Risk Adjustment: CMS uses risk adjustment to account for differences in beneficiary-level risk factors that can affect quality outcomes or medical costs, regardless of the care provided.


Measure Information Forms (MIFs) were included for the following measures: All Cause Readmission, Total Per Capita Cost Measure, Total Per Capita Cost Measures for Specific Conditions, and Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (ACSCs). These are measures which CMS calculates from Medicare claims. The MIFs are used to document the technical specifications of the measures, such as the numerator and denominator statements, inclusions and potential exclusions for a given measure, and information on risk-adjustment and measure attribution. The Fact Sheets and MIFs can be found on the Physician Feedback/Value Modifier website on the Value Modifier page

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