Amicus Briefs

The AMCNO regularly participates as an amicus party in selected state court cases, at times at the request of the request of an interested party or through the review of the AMCNO Medical Legal Liaison Committee.

The AMCNO Medical Legal Liaison Committee uses the following AMCNO board policy when deciding whether or not the AMCNO should consider weighing in on a case:

The AMCNO Board of Directors has determined that the AMCNO should consider filing an amicus brief if a case were going to impact the current tort reform law in Ohio and the case involves the care of a physician, preferably from the Northern Ohio community.  The AMCNO will also consider filing a brief in the case of a health care related issue that could impact the health of patients in our state or the community. 

Click here to access Ohio Supreme Court filings, and case decisions.


Recent AMCNO Amicus Brief Cases

Griffith v. Aultman Hospital  - Ohio Supreme Court Expands Definition of "Medical Records" for Purposes of Discovery

Stewart v. Vivian - Ohio Supreme Court Reviews Apology Statute


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