2015 AMCNO Lawyer Referral Brochure Now Available to Members and Staff

If you are in need of legal counsel in a specific area of expertise, the AMCNO Lawyer Referral Brochure could be of assistance to you. 

When legal questions or issues arise, the AMCNO believes it is important for its members to obtain sound advice from legal counsel who are knowledgeable in relevant areas of the law and who have a commitment to the effective representation of physicians and their practice groups. This brochure is the product of our effort to identify such attorneys. We encourage our members to make use of these lawyers (or other practitioners similarly qualified) whenever they encounter significant legal issues.

The AMCNO does not endorse any one law firm over another – this information is provided to our members as a service only. Members are free to choose an attorney from this brochure or from other sources. 

Click here to view the AMCNO Lawyer Referral Brochure  

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