From the Office of Health Transformation - Ohio Budget

On June 30, Governor John R. Kasich signed a 2-year state budget that continues to transform Ohio into a national leader in healthcare reform. The latest initiatives focus on improving the quality and outcomes associated with our state's healthcare programs, while staying accountable to Ohio taxpayers and finding new ways to support all Ohioans. The Governor's budget preserves Medicaid coverage for children and pregnant women up to 200% of poverty and everyone else up to 138% of poverty, invests $286 million over 2 years to increase opportunities for Ohioans with developmental disabilities to live and work in the community, improves care coordination through managed behavioral health care, and targets resources to reduce infant mortality in the most at-risk neighborhoods. These investments are possible as a result of good program management that also holds Medicaid's per member cost growth to below 3% next year.

Top 10 Health Transformation Initiatives 

Ohio Medicaid Reforms  

Veto Messages 

Health Savings Accounts 

Reducing Infant Mortality  

Coverage for Pregnant Women 

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